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Turning Data into Actionable insights

We give you the power to realise invisible opportunities, respond to threats before they happen, and find ways to improve quality
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Automate data collection
with technology

Have higher resolution data by digitising manual readings and checkpoints. Ensure higher accuracy with less costs by cutting out the middleman
Monitoring & Control

Get a full understanding of asset and utility utilisation.

Manufacturing Insights
All Monitoring & Control
Utilities & Services
Sensing & Monitoring
Data Visualisation

Understand Complex Information With Insight

Trends Analysis
Corporate Dashboarding
Ready-made Charts & Graphs
Customisable Dashboards

Efficiency Insights

Identify & Eliminate Waste with Precision

Understand Energy Drivers and Significant Energy Users

Efficiency Insights

Identify & Eliminate Waste with Precision

Understand Energy Drivers and Significant Energy Users
Manufacturing Metrics
Consumption and Cost Breakdown
Demand Analysis & Control
Demand Analysis & Control
Power Factor Correction
Energy Maps

Quality Assurance

Maintain Standards With Confidence

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Risk Mitigation

Real-Time Risk Insights Empowering Proactive Intervention

Understand Energy Drivers and Significant Energy Users
Identify Trends
Failures and Downtime
Operational Thresholds
Measure Critical Assets
Systems Integration

See & Stream Your Data
With Simplicity

Financial Assurance

Attribute expenses to where they are incurred. Cost allocation allows you to split the billing costs

Ensure Billing Accuracy & Fairness With Data

Workspace Monitoring

Track and Certify Environmental Operating Conditions with Monitoring

Cold Chain Monitoring
Data Accessibility

Get Situationally Aware With Immediacy

Augos Cloud Data Platform

Our platform offers self-service business intelligence, delivering ready-made insight to executive leadership, managers, operators, and technical teams.

Data Download & Export

Export and download your raw data to take it where you need it in PDF, Excel or CSV format.

Triggers & Alerts

We’ve made it possible for you to set up an extensive list of alerts sent straight to your choice of communication. With alerts, it’s easy to spring into action as it happens.

Visual & Audible Alarms

We have smart alarms that can visually and audibly alert surrounding people of possible dangers or issues in a production facility. This will include sensor lights, sound alarms, smoke detectors, etc.

API & ERP Integrations

We have an API available that allows users to extract our raw data to their own platform.

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