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Identify Trends
Failures and Downtime
Operational Thresholds
Measure Critical Assets

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We give you the power to realise invisible opportunities, respond to
threats before they happen, and find ways to improve quality

Monitoring & Control

Infrastructure Sensor Mapping

Our solution allows for detailed mapping and active monitoring of your most critical plant infrastructure. This proactive approach ensures operational continuity, reduces downtime, and enhances overall plant efficiency.

Quality Assuarance

System Failure & Breach Alerts

Pre-empt of system failures & breaches in temperature and pressure thresholds with our immediate alert system. This not only ensures compliance but also maintains the integrity of your storage conditions, protecting your assets.

Risk Mitigation

Early Warning Dashboard Interface

Configure your own early warning system with our custom alerts and personalised dashboards. This tailored approach ensures you are always informed and in control, completly enhancing operational responsiveness.

Stay Ahead with Active
Monitoring & Alerts

Augos empowers you with intelligent sensing and monitoring, transforming
data into actionable insights for optimised operations, reduced costs
and proactive risk management

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Tailor your adoption of AUGOS solutions to your current needs and scale as you grow.

Rapid Deployment

Data to Insight, in minutes

Quick deployment and rapid data access for immediate insights.

Tailored Hardware

IoT Device Varieties

Explore advanced temperature, humidity, dew point, and door monitoring devices, and more for comprehensive solutions

Connect Anywhere


We support RF, 4G, LoRa, and Nb-IoT, ensuring seamless integration into your operational landscape.

Wireless Autonomy

Up to 5 Years Battery Life

Depend on battery-powered devices for enduring reliability, requiring minimal maintenance over the long term.

Track, trace & report on your financial & sustainability goals

Harness the capabilities of our cutting-edge Energy Management System for real-time tracking of energy usage and anomaly detection.

The system's energy-heat-maps enable precise identification of consumption patterns, facilitating accurate bill verification and paving the way for energy usage and cost reduction.

Extend control to water management with real-time balances and monitoring, ensuring efficiency in areas such as cooling towers, cleaning processes and truck washes, contributing to sustainable water usage practices.

Elevate compliance through one unified platform

Augos stands as the pinnacle for cold chain assuarance through our unified platform. Beyond meticulous monitoring of critical conditions, we provide essential data to fulfil your compliance and auditing requirements.

Comply effortlessly with industry standards and internal benchmarks, aligning with predefined thresholds set by standard operating procedures.

Augos is your trusted partner, ensuring operational excellence and enhancing the relaibility and complaince of your cold chain processes.

Measure & record vital cold chain operating conditions

Augos offers a unified platform for mapping, measuring and setting alerts on vital plant infrastructure.

This acts as an early warning system, ensuring proactive and efficient plant management. Specifically tailored for cold chain systems, Augos measures critical operating conditions, utilising triggers and alerts to prevent inventory loss and maintain product quality.

Augos provides business with a streamlined solution for precise monitoring and proactive response.

Active Door Tracking

Enhance security and streamline operations.

Environmental Condition Reports: Receive detailed insights into asset conditions.

Full Traceability: Achieve end-to-end traceability for your products.

In-Transit Monitoring

Safeguard products during transportation.

Real-time Alerting and Triggers: Stay ahead of potential issues with instant alerts.

Digitised Facility and Equipment Monitoring: Reduce operational

Batch & Product Tracing

Easily trace the journey of batches &products.

Product Safety: Implement measures to guarantee product safety.

Ensure Quality and Freshness: Maintain product integrity

Storage Unit Compliance

Adhere to storage regulations for quality assurance.

Temperature Standards: Maintain optimal storage conditions for products.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements.

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Augos unifies all measurement needs on a single, scalable platform

Manufacturing Insights
All Monitoring & Control
Utilities & Services
Sensing & Monitoring
Our Customers

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