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Empower your energy management strategy with Augos's comprehensive Power Factor Correction solutions. Our data-driven approach ensures precise system sizing, continuous performance monitoring, and proactive risk mitigation. Discover how our advanced tools and services can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and secure your operational resilience.
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Online PFC Monitoring

Real-time online PFC monitoring provides continuous insight into your power factor & correction systems, allowing you to track performance metrics and identify inefficiencies instantly. This proactive approach ensures optimal function, reducing energy waste and lowering costs. Stay ahead with instant alerts and comprehensive reports that empower data-driven decisions and improve overall energy management.
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Equipment Health Check

Our comprehensive equipment health check service evaluates the condition and performance of your PFC systems. Through detailed assessments and diagnostics, we identify potential issues and inefficiencies, providing actionable outcomes to maintain optimal performance. Regular health checks prevent unexpected failures, ensuring sustained efficiency and reliability.
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Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your PFC systems operating at peak performance with our expert repair and maintenance services. Our team diagnoses and fixes issues promptly, minimising downtime and maintaining system efficiency. Routine maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment and prevents costly breakdowns, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.
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Upgrades & New Systems

Enhance your power factor correction capabilities with our data-driven approach to PFC upgrades and new system installations. We assess your current setup using detailed data analysis to ensure accurate system sizing. Our process includes comprehensive cost and ROI analysis to confirm the financial viability of the project. Our analysis ensures we supply a system tailored to your operational needs, be it static, dynamic, fast switching, or harmonic protected equipment, ensuring improved performance, higher efficiency, and better reliability, all tailored to meet your specific energy goals.
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Project Cost Evaluation

Understand the financial implications of your PFC projects with our detailed cost evaluation services. We provide a thorough analysis of project costs and potential savings, helping you make informed investment decisions. Our evaluations highlight the ROI and long-term benefits of your power factor correction initiatives, supporting strategic capital allocation.
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Safety Sensing & Control

Integrate advanced safety sensing technologies to monitor critical parameters within your PFC systems. Our safety sensors detect issues such as overheating, smoke, fire, and other hazards, triggering immediate alerts and switching measures to prevent accidents. This proactive safety measure enhances operational security and protects both equipment and personnel.
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Fire Suppression

Safeguard your power factor correction systems with specialised fire suppression solutions. Designed to detect and extinguish fires quickly, these systems protect your valuable assets and ensure business continuity. Our fire suppression is tailored to mitigate risks associated with electrical equipment, providing peace of mind and compliance with safety standards.
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Energy & Utilities

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of Our Solutions

Discover how our Power Factor Correction solutions deliver measurable outcomes. From financial assurance and efficiency insights to risk mitigation and strategic decision support, see how Augos empowers your business to achieve its energy management goals.

Informed PFC Capital Allocation  

Optimise your financial performance through strategic reduction of billed demand charges. Our suite offers sophisticated tools that harness data for insightful financial decision-making, ensuring your energy efficiency investments translate into substantial savings.
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Real-Time Power Factor Monitoring
Empower quick, decisive financial actions with real-time monitoring. This capability is essential for promptly addressing inefficiencies, minimising their financial impact, and enhancing overall financial health.
Opportunity Cost Analysis
Leverage data to assess actual PF losses alongside potential additional losses, guiding choices that bolster financial returns and boost equipment efficiency. This method illuminates the most operationally advantageous actions.
ROI Analysis for PFC Projects
Harness our platform's capability and team expertise for detailed ROI calculations that measure the financial impact of PFC projects, both repairs, and new installations. This approach underscores the tangible value of your energy investments, presenting the benefits in straightforward financial language.

Data-Driven PFC Efficiency Management

Achieve operational precision and financial efficiency with Data-Driven PFC Management. By harnessing our online measurement and sensing tools, we empower you to make decisions that align with your business’s efficiency and financial objectives, ensuring each adjustment significantly boosts performance and leads to substantial cost savings. This approach transforms your energy management strategy, enhancing the effectiveness of your PFC efforts.
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PFC Performance Tracking
Monitor and analyse the performance of your Power Factor Correction systems in real-time. Augos is able to provide a detailed view of  your PFC equipment performance, identifying areas of improvement, ensuring optimal function and enabling proactive maintenance for peak efficiency.
Actionable Insights
Dive deep into the data to uncover valuable insights. These insights translate complex data into clear, actionable steps that can directly influence your operational strategies and financial planning. It’s about making informed decisions that drive your business forward, backed by solid data analysis.
Real Time Efficiency Alerts
Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time efficiency alerts. These notifications warn you of any deviations from optimal PFC performance, allowing for immediate action to avoid inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. It’s an essential tool for maintaining continuous operational efficiency and cost control.
Switching & Control
Our Switching & Control equipment enables dynamic management of both PFC equipment and operational loads. This capability facilitates not just adaptation for generator use but also the management of operational loads based on demand-based rules, load curtailment schedules, and TOU schedules, ensuring a comprehensive approach to energy strategy execution. By precisely controlling energy usage and PFC performance, operational excellence and financial savings are achieved.

Strategic Risk Defense in Power Factor

Preemptively identifying potential hazards keeps your systems running smoothly and safely, embodying a proactive stance that minimises downtime and shields against financial setbacks. This resilience in your energy management system empowers your business to operate with confidence, well-protected from disruptions and geared for ongoing, efficient performance.
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Environmental Risk Detection
Monitor critical environmental factors such as temperature, white smoke, black smoke and more to safeguard your facilities. This solution offers real-time detection of environmental risks, enabling swift action to prevent hazards from escalating into major issues, ensuring continuous, safe operations.
Fire Suppression
Ensure the safety of your energy systems with our Fire Suppression solution. Tailored to detect and extinguish fires before they can cause significant damage, this system is crucial for protecting your assets and personnel, thereby minimising potential operational disruptions and financial losses.
Immediate Risk Alerts
Stay informed with Immediate Risk Alerts that notify you of potential risks as they arise. Quick and accurate notifications allow for prompt responses, reducing the chance of equipment failure or safety incidents and maintaining operational integrity.
System Surveys & Risk Prevention Maintenance
Conduct thorough System Surveys and engage in Risk Prevention Maintenance to identify and mitigate risks before they impact your operations. Regular assessments and proactive maintenance ensure your Power Factor Correction system and related infrastructure are not just compliant but also optimised for safety and efficiency.

Informed Decisions: The Power of Data and Expertise

Elevate strategic decision-making with the power of data and expertise, offering leaders clarity and confidence to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities. Moving beyond reactive measures to proactive, informed strategies aligns with long-term goals and adapts to market dynamics. Secure a competitive advantage with decisions that are informed, strategic, and timely, setting the organisation on a path to sustained success.
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PFC Support Desk
Outsource the monitoring of your Power Factor Correction equipment to our dedicated team of experts, ensuring peak performance and strategic oversight.
Project Scoping, Evaluation, and Procurement Support
Receive expert guidance through the phases of project scoping and evaluation to informed procurement, optimising strategic investments.
Cloud Based Data Analytics for Strategic Insight
Utilise advanced analytics fromour cloud based platform to distill complex data into actionable strategic insights, enhancing decision-making processes.
Success Stories

See the Impact Augos
Has Made on Our Customers

Augos arms every business leader with actionable insights to mobilise meaningful change. Learn how our solutions have transformed energy efficiency for leading brands.
Success Stories
Implementing Power Factor Correction at The One & Only Cape Town has led to significant reductions in electricity costs, enhancing the resort’s commitment to sustainable luxury.
Success Stories
Finlar Foods has optimised its energy efficiency through PFC, resulting in lower operational costs and improved production reliability.
Success Stories
Nutrifeeds has benefited from Power Factor Correction by achieving better load management and reducing electricity charges, supporting their mission of providing high-quality animal feed.
Success Stories
Pioneer Foods has optimised energy usage, resulting in lower electricity bills and improved operational efficiency, thereby supporting their extensive food production processes.
Success Stories
Red Sun Raisins has utilised PFC to ensure energy-efficient processing, enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality raisins while minimising energy expenses.

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Optimise your financial performance through strategic reduction of billed demand charges. Our suite offers sophisticated tools that harness data for insightful financial decision-making, ensuring your energy efficiency investments translate into substantial savings.
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Utilise our expertise to uncover and implement strategies that significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. Our approach is grounded in analysing your data to identify the most effective actions for energy efficiency and cost savings.
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