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Beyond Solar:
Elevate Your Energy Strategy

At Augos, we go beyond traditional solar offerings to provide a holistic approach to renewable energy integration. Our expertise spans across optimising financial performance, guiding executive decisions, securing energy supply, ensuring compliance, and strategically managing diverse energy mixes. Discover how our advanced renewable technologies and innovative strategies can support your energy needs and help you exceed sustainability goals.  
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Commercial Solar

Adopt solar power with confidence. We offer end-to-end services from system design, consulting, procurement and installation, ensuring your solar system deliver maximum efficiency and investment returns. Embrace clean energy and reduce dependency on traditional power sources.
Maximise Your RE Strategy
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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Integrate Battery Energy Storage Systems to enhance energy availability, management, and reliability. Our BESS solutions store excess energy for use during peak times, allowing for better control over your energy costs and supply. This adaptive energy solution provides crucial backup during outages, supports load shifting, and enables a more efficient use of renewable energy sources.
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Energy Wheeling

Facilitate the transfer of electricity across the grid from an independent generator to your facility with our Wheeling capabilities. This allows you to take advantage of lower-cost power generated off-site, optimising your energy costs and increasing sustainability.
 Unlock Grid Flexibility
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Virtual Wheeling

Our Virtual Wheeling service enables the allocation of energy from renewable sources to various consumption points without physical connectivity. This innovative approach helps maximise the use of generated power and supports energy credit trading, reducing costs and bolstering your green credentials.
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PPA Management

We help you navigate the complexities of contract negotiation, ensuring terms that align with your financial and energy goals. Our expert management supports optimal pricing, risk reduction, and compliance with energy regulations.
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Energy & Utilities

Discover the Impact of Our
Renewable Energy Solutions

Explore how our comprehensive renewable energy solutions deliver measurable outcomes for your business. From cutting energy costs and ensuring compliance to strengthening energy security and driving strategic decisions, Augos empowers you to achieve your energy management goals with confidence. Learn more about the outcomes our solutions can deliver.

Cut Energy Costs with Targeted Renewable Integration

Unlock significant cost savings and reduce dependency on municipal energy supplies with our Renewable Energy solutions. Our approach not only lowers operational costs but also enhances energy independence, allowing your organisation to control its energy future and stabilise financial planning.
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Commercial Solar PV
Reduce reliance on grid power and cut energy costs with our Commercial Solar PV systems. Tailored to your business needs, these systems provide a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution, significantly lowering operational expenses.
BESS Load Shifting
Utilise battery energy storage systems to shift energy consumption from peak to off-peak times, effectively reducing energy costs by leveraging lower tariff rates during off-peak hours.  
Unified Energy Dashboard
Gain comprehensive insights into your energy consumption and costs across all sources with our Unified Energy Dashboard. This tool provides real-time data and analytics, enabling more informed decision-making and cost management.
Tenant Billing Accross Multiple Energy Sources
Implement precise and equitable billing for tenants using multiple energy sources. Our solution ensures accurate allocation of costs according to actual usage, enhancing transparency and accountability in energy consumption.

Strengthen Security of Supply with Renewable Risk Management

Strengthen your operations with a robust renewable risk management strategy that ensures a reliable energy supply. Our approach secures uninterrupted operational continuity, protecting your business from energy availability issues and maintaining steady performance regardless of external conditions.
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Commercial Solar PV & BESS
Combine the reliability of solar power generation with the flexibility of battery storage to ensure a consistent energy supply. Commercial Solar PV harnesses sunlight to generate electricity, while BESS stores excess energy for use during peak demand or low production periods, enhancing energy stability and reducing reliance on unpredictable grid power.
Load Curtailment
Our innovative load curtailment platform enables both small and large users to aggregate their load reduction capabilities, allowing participation in curtailment programs that were previously inaccessible. This system strategically manages energy usage across multiple sites, ensuring compliance accross feeders.
Load Switcing & Automation
Our Load Switching & Automation solution leverages smart decision-making based on a comprehensive set of inputs including load curtailment schedules, time-of-use tariffs, weather conditions, environmental factors, and load-based rules. This system integrates these diverse elements to optimise energy use across your operations. By automating the control and switching of loads, we ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, effectively reducing energy costs and enhancing operational continuity under varying conditions.
Energy Wheeling
Energy Wheeling allows you to leverage energy generated at one site to offset consumption at another, optimising energy costs and enhancing the reliability of your energy supply chain.

Drive RE100 Success with Strategic Executive Guidance

Empower your organisation's renewable energy projects from start to finish. From strategic procurement to comprehensive planning, our expert guidance ensures that your renewable energy initiatives align with RE100 commitments and global sustainability targets, making your solutions both forward-thinking and globally compliant.
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Executive Strategy Support
Empower your leadership with tailored strategic guidance to navigate complex energy decisions effectively. Our Executive Strategy Support provides critical insights and expert advice, ensuring your executive team is equipped to drive your organisation towards its renewable targets with confidence and precision.
Strategic Energy Planning
Develop a comprehensive energy strategy that aligns with your business objectives and sustainability goals. Our Strategic Energy Planning service analyses current energy usage, forecasts future needs, and identifies opportunities for improvement, helping you optimise your energy operations for long-term success.
Establish your Sustainability Roadmap
Craft a detailed and actionable sustainability roadmap that outlines clear steps towards achieving your environmental objectives, including RE100 goals. This service helps you set realistic targets, timelines, and strategies, ensuring a structured approach to integrating sustainable practices into your business operations.

Ensure Compliance Alignment in Renewable Projects

Ensure your renewable energy projects exceed standards with our tailored solutions. By aligning with both internal, local and international regulations, our support reduces risks and bolsters your reputation as a sustainability leader. Navigate the regulatory landscape confidently and secure your company’s future in a regulated environment, achieving more than just legal compliance but also advancing your business strategically.
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Comprehensive Data Reporting
Access detailed and accurate data reporting tools that simplify the complexities of compliance reporting. Our Comprehensive Data Reporting service provides you with all the necessary metrics and analyses to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations, facilitating transparent and accountable communication with stakeholders.
Compliance Threshold Alerts
Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with real-time tracking of compliance metrics. Our system not only monitors critical compliance data but also alerts you to potential issues before they become compliance failures. This proactive approach ensures ongoing adherence to standards, helping you manage risks and maintain operational integrity.
Unlimited Data Storage
Benefit from unlimited data storage for multi-year comparisons. This feature is invaluable for assessing the long-term impact of your energy initiatives and demonstrating continuous improvement—a key aspect of compliance and sustainability frameworks.

Optimise Your Energy Mix through Strategic Integration

Master the complexities of managing multiple energy sources with Augos. Our  approach enhances operational efficiency and energy sustainability by seamlessly integrating and optimising your diverse energy portfolio. Gain the advantage of a cohesive energy system that not only meets current demands but also scales to future needs, ensuring your energy usage is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
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Multi Energy Source Integration & Optimisation
Efficiently manage and synchronise various energy sources, from renewables to conventional power. This solution balances these diverse energy inputs to meet demands effectively, cutting waste and lowering costs. By aligning energy generation with consumption, we ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply, optimised for peak performance across your operations.
Energy Mix Reconciliation
Augos’s Energy Mix Reconciliation offers a detailed overview of your energy usage across various sources such as municipal supply, generators, solar, and wheeled energy. This solution consolidates and analyses data from multiple energy streams, enabling you to understand the proportion and cost associated with each source. By providing a clear picture of your energy mix, it aids in optimising usage strategies and financial planning, ensuring that energy resources are utilised most efficiently.

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Success Stories

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Augos arms every business leader with actionable insights to mobilise meaningful change. Learn how our solutions have transformed energy efficiency for leading brands.
Success Stories
Implementing Augos's renewable energy solutions, Fabrinox has significantly cut down their energy costs and reduced reliance on traditional energy sources, boosting their sustainability efforts.
Success Stories
Augos has enabled Hoekstra Fruit Exporters to harness solar energy effectively, ensuring consistent power supply and reducing operational costs, all while supporting their environmental commitments.
Success Stories
With Augos’s renewable energy integration, Red Sun Raisins has achieved remarkable energy savings, enhancing their production efficiency and environmental stewardship.
Success Stories
Pioneer Foods | PepsiCo benefits from Augos’s comprehensive renewable energy strategies, driving substantial energy savings and supporting their global sustainability goals.
Success Stories
Serco has leveraged Augos’s renewable energy solutions to optimise their energy mix, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective power supply for their manufacturing operations.
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