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Optimise Your Energy Assets: Master
Fluids, Fuels, and Gas Management

Streamline your operations and achieve critical business outcomes with our specialised solutions. Our approach focuses on practical improvements in efficiency, compliance, and resource management. Explore how our advanced tools and strategies can help you effectively manage your fluids, fuels, and gas, ensuring better performance and sustainability. Discover the outcomes our solutions deliver, empowering your business for future success.
Optimise Your Energy

Ensure Cost Integrity and Transparency

Augos delivers unmatched clarity and control over your fluids, fuels and gas expenditures, enabling precise tracking and allocation of costs. This not only fosters greater financial transparency but also drives efficiency, ensuring your investments in resources yield optimal value and contribute to the overall financial health of your business.
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Independent Utility Measurement

Capture and analyse utility usage with unmatched accuracy. This provides a solid foundation for financial transparency, ensuring that your fluids, fuels and gas management is based on precise, real-time data. It empowers businesses to make informed decisions, backed by reliable measurements that stand independent of supplier estimates.

Allocate Costs to Where They are Incurred

Directly link expenses to their sources. This approach enhances accountability and facilitates more strategic resource planning and usage. By accurately assigning costs to specific departments, processes, or projects, businesses can identify areas for efficiency improvements and promote cost-saving measures that resonate across operations.

Cost & Usage Verification  

Validate your utility expenses against actual consumption data. This critical step ensures that your billing aligns with real usage, safeguarding against overcharges and discrepancies. It’s about having the confidence that every cent spent is justified, turning cost management into a precise science.

Drive Resource Optimisation Through Insights

Efficiently managing resources is crucial for optimising operations and reducing costs. Businesses can streamline resource management by integrating diverse measurement systems into a unified platform. This integrated approach enables businesses to analyse processes, identify areas for improvement, and enhance productivity.
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Active Data Monitoring

Get a detailed real-time view of your fluids, fuels, and gas usage. This continuous surveillance highlights immediate areas for efficiency improvements, allowing for swift actions to enhance operational effectiveness.

Integrate with Smart Control Systems

Integrate insights with smart systems to automatically control systems and processes based on real-time data. This automation ensures optimal energy consumption without manual oversight, significantly reducing waste and enhancing operational efficiency.

SEU Identification

Identify sources of excessive use or waste, pinpointing Significant Energy Users (SEUs) within your operations. This information is essential for directing efficiency measures to the most impactful areas, reducing unnecessary consumption and operational costs.

Identify Usage Trends

Analyse historical data to reveal consumption patterns of fluids, fuels, and gas. Identifying these trends aids in predicting future usage, informing strategic decisions that enhance efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Custom Usage Alerts & Thresholds

Set bespoke alerts and thresholds tailored to your specific needs regarding fluids, fuels, and gas. Immediate alerts for when usage exceeds these predefined limits prompt timely action to correct inefficiencies, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

Losses and

Augos enables the shielding from critical vulnerabilities in managing fluids, fuels, and gas. By prioritising immediate responses to leaks and inefficiencies, securing long-term supply reliability, and minimising operational risks through automated data capture, users can dramatically reduce potential losses and enhance operational continuity. It’s an essential layer of protection that not only addresses present concerns but also fortifies against future uncertainties, ensuring a safer, more efficient operational environment.
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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Access instant alerts on any irregularities in your fluids, fuels, and gas management, enabling you to respond quickly to prevent leaks and inefficiencies. This vigilant oversight is crucial for maintaining operational integrity and minimising potential losses.

Leak Detection

Utilise anomaly detection and set usage thresholds to alert you when fluids, fuels, and gas consumption deviates from specified parameters. This empowers you to identify potential leaks early, minimising resource loss and environmental hazards.

Integrated Environmental Monitoring

Deploy an integrated environmental monitoring system that tracks air and water quality, alongside smoke and gas detection. This holistic approach ensures you're immediately aware of any environmental deviations that could indicate leaks, spills, or hazardous emissions. By monitoring these elements in real-time, businesses can swiftly respond to potential risks, protecting both the environment and workplace safety.

Incident Response Planning

Develop comprehensive incident response plans that are ready to activate in the event of a detected risk. Having a predefined action plan significantly reduces response times and the potential impact of operational hazards, safeguarding both your assets and the environment.

Automate Workforce to Increase Data Quality

Automate data capture processes to eliminate human error, ensuring high-quality, reliable data for your fluids, fuels, and gas management. This step not only improves operational decision-making but also bolsters risk mitigation strategies.

Achieve Regulatory Alignment and Oversight

Achieving Regulatory Alignment and Oversight ensures your business adheres to the highest compliance and governance standards in managing fluids, fuels, and gas. This commitment safeguards operations, mitigates risks, and enhances trust, positioning your company for sustainable growth. Excelling in compliance becomes a strategic advantage, promoting transparency and opening doors to new opportunities.
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Water Quality Compliance

Guarantee water quality and availability by accurately measuring a range of water parameters in real time, ensuring not only adherence to quality standards but also compliance with backup supply policies.

Supply Chain and Vendor Compliance Tracking

Enhance supply chain integrity by monitoring critical metrics of suppliers and vendors. Ensure that all partners adhere to your environmental, safety, and quality standards, reducing operational risks.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Streamline your environmental reporting by leveraging data on resource use. Use our platform's insights to ensure compliance and effectively highlight your sustainability initiatives.

Resource Stewardship

Demonstrate responsible resource management by efficiently using fluids, fuels, and gas. Our insights aid in minimising waste and optimising usage, reflecting your commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Health and Safety Incident Alerts

Proactively safeguard your workplace by leveraging data to identify and mitigate environmental hazards. Our platform empowers you to enhance health and safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting your team.
Fluids & Gas

From Outcomes to Solutions:
Enabling Success

Bridge the gap between desired outcomes and practical execution with our innovative solutions tailored for effective management of fluids, fuels, and gas. Learn how our advanced tools and strategic insights can transform your operational efficiency and compliance, preparing your business for a future where every resource is optimised for maximum performance and sustainability execution with our innovative solutions tailored for effective management of fluids, fuels, and gas.
Fluids & Gas

Unified Utilities Dashboard

Cloud-based utilities management. Aggregate electricity, water, fuel, and gas data for insights into utilities usage and cost, enabling effective monitoring and optimisation directly from a streamlined dashboard.
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Independent Utility Measurement
Accurately measures utility usage, providing independent and unbiased insights to optimize your energy consumption.
Measure Signifcant Energy Users
Identifies and monitors significant energy users (SEUs), enabling targeted strategies to enhance efficiency and reduce consumption.
Cloud Based Energy Insight Platform
Access essential insights via our cloud platform for a concise overview and analysis, facilitating strategic planning and timely decision-making.
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Fluids & Gas

Water Measurement

Water Measurement solutions offers precise monitoring and management capabilities essential for ensuring effective use of water resources in commercial settings. This technology supports sustainability, compliance, and operational efficiency through accurate data collection and analysis.
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Security of Supply Management
Utilise advanced sensing and predictive analytics to ensure reliable water supply, preventing shortages and adapting to varying demands and conditions.
Quality & Compliance Monitoring
Continuously monitor water quality against regulatory standards to maintain compliance, reduce risks, and ensure public and environmental safety.
Online Measurement & Systems Control
Harness real-time data and remote control to quickly adjust and optimise water usage, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.
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Fluids & Gas

Fuel Measurement

Fuel Measurement solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and compliance in fuel usage across various industries. Augos provides precise monitoring to help manage costs, meet environmental regulations, and ensure optimal performance of fuel-dependent equipment.
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Cost and Efficiency Management
Monitor fuel usage accurately for precise billing, automated processes, and correct cost allocation, enhancing budget management and resource optimisation.
Environmental Compliance and Emissions Control
Monitor fuel consumption to comply with environmental regulations, manage carbon footprints, and meet global sustainability goals, reducing environmental impact.
Online Equipment Monitoring & Control
Use real-time monitoring and remote control for fuel-handling equipment to boost reliability, prevent downtime, and allow instant adjustments for enhanced efficiency.
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Fluids & Gas

Gas Measurement

Gas Measurement solutions provide critical insights into gas usage and management, essential for ensuring cost efficiency, safety, and compliance within industrial and commercial settings. These systems offer precise monitoring capabilities that enhance operational control and environmental responsibility.
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Utility Cost Verification
Verify gas consumption accurately to ensure correct billing, preventing discrepancies and overcharges, and supporting financial transparency and cost optimisation.
Enviromental Safety Sensing
Monitor gas levels and detect leaks in real-time, crucial for accident prevention and compliance with health and safety regulations, safeguarding personnel and operations.
Online Usage Tracking
Use advanced online tools for continuous gas tracking, enabling quick responses to consumption changes, proactive maintenance, and efficiency improvements through timely management adjustments.
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Fluids & Gas

Level & Quality Monitoring

Level & Quality Monitoring solutions equip businesses with the tools to ensure precise control and quality assurance of various resources, including liquids and gases. These systems are vital for maintaining operational safety, regulatory compliance, and optimal resource management.
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Tank Level Measurement
Precisely monitor tank levels to optimise resource management, maintain system efficiency, and prevent wastage in operations using stored fluids or gases.
Air Quality & Safety Monitoring
Continuously track air quality to ensure workplace safety and regulatory compliance, detecting hazardous gases or pollutants and safeguarding employee health.
Water Quality & Compliance Monitoring
Monitor water quality against regulatory and safety standards, providing real-time data to support environmental stewardship and public health with immediate corrective actions.
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