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16 month ROI on Power Factor at Bokomo Savoury Foods

As part of our long-standing relationship throughout the Pioneer Foods group, measure all of the Bokomo Foods sites. Following an annual review of metering data from the energy intelligence platform, a power factor opportunity was identified at Bokomo Savoury Foods in Johannesburg:

Figure 1. Screen capture from our energy intelligence platform showing power and demand

On the picture, note the difference between the blue line (Power – or the energy usage on site) and the red line (Demand – or the energy being supplied to the site). The extra energy is not used on site but instead flows between the council and the site many times every second. This was adding costs to the site in two ways:

  1. The demand was higher than it should have been
  2. Reactive energy charges were being levied on the client

The fix was simple; install a suitably sized power factor correction system that would reduce the demand down to almost the same level as the power. The results of the installation were as follows:

Figure 2. Post installation screen capture showing the demand equal to the power

Note how the power has increased due to extra equipment on site, but that the demand is now almost equal to the power. If the power factor correction system had not been installed, the demand (and associated costs) would have been much higher.

In terms of project finances, the cost was R189 000 for the complete turn-key solution, with a monthly saving of R12 000. This equates into an exceptional 16-month payback.

Following the increase of the load on site, and changes in the tariff structures we estimate the current monthly savings to be R19 500.