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Energy & Utilities

30% savings through interventions at Sanlam Head Office

In 2012, Augos approached Sanlam with an innovative energy management proposal designed to achieve ambitious electricity saving targets. Their strategy involved reallocating funds saved through behavioral changes towards capital projects aimed at achieving these goals by 2015.

Augos implemented a comprehensive approach which included active monitoring and reporting of energy metrics, chairing monthly energy forum meetings, and conducting regular site visits to identify and evaluate new energy-saving projects.

Key Objectives:The primary objective was to achieve sustainability targets, necessitating the identification and implementation of low-to-no-cost interventions.

Areas of Optimisation:

  1. Tariff Optimisation – Annual savings of R1.8 million through strategic tariff adjustments.
  2. Off-Peak Load Optimisation – Optimisation of Building Management System (BMS) settings and manual interventions to maximise off-peak efficiency.
  3. Chiller Operation – Adjusting chiller set-points and optimising usage during colder weather conditions to reduce energy consumption.
  4. Lighting Retrofit – Using savings generated from behavioral changes to fund a comprehensive lighting retrofit project.
  5. Chiller Retrofit – Replacing outdated chillers with new, energy-efficient models.
  6. Desktop to Laptop Transition – Investigating the energy-saving impact of transitioning from desktop computers to laptops throughout the organisation.

By 2013, Sanlam had achieved an impressive 11.8% reduction in energy consumption compared to 2010 levels, solely through the implementation of low-to-no-cost interventions. Further savings of 8% were anticipated from the lighting retrofit project and an additional 5% from the new chiller installations. By the close of 2014, the lighting retrofit project was successfully completed, resulting in a savings of 6.2 million kWh for the year compared to the baseline.

The momentum of savings continued through 2017, with cumulative baseline savings exceeding 33%. The new target of a 10% reduction by 2020 was already surpassed, demonstrating the ongoing commitment to evaluating and implementing new energy efficiency initiatives.