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Case Study - A South African Retail Giant's Remarkable Safety Transformation

SA Retail Giant's Safety Transformation

A retail giant and household brand in South Africa, recently took a bold step to address a potentially catastrophic issue within its operations. They discovered that faulty Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment in their stores had led to three separate fire incidents. In a proactive move to ensure safety, they made a strategic decision to temporarily switch off PFC systems across more than 500 stores and distribution centres. What followed was an inspiring journey toward safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

The Challenges they Faced

Their decision to temporarily disable PFC systems came with its share of challenges. PFC is essential for optimising energy efficiency, and disabling these systems meant higher monthly energy costs. However, their leadership understood that the risks of maintaining faulty PFC equipment outweighed the immediate costs.

The fires that occurred within their PFC panels were a stark reminder of the critical need for action. They knew that the safety of their customers, employees, and valuable assets was paramount. It was time to invest in a solution that would ensure both safety and energy efficiency.

The Path to Safety

The first step was to conduct a comprehensive survey of every PFC panel across their stores and distribution centres. This survey identified areas where repairs and upgrades were required to bring the equipment up to safe specifications.

In parallel, they decided to take a proactive stance against the risk of fires in PFC panels. They decided to install fire suppression systems in every operational PFC panel. This move further safeguarded their facilities and mitigated the risk of fire-related incidents.

The Results: Safety, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind

The retail giant’s decision to address the safety concerns within their PFC systems has yielded remarkable results. By conducting necessary repairs and upgrades, they not only mitigated fire risks but also improved the efficiency of their electrical systems.

The installation of fire suppression systems in PFC panels brought an additional layer of safety, giving them the peace of mind they needed to continue their operations with confidence.