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Energy & Utilities

Case Study - Increased Capacity Utilisation through PFC

Increased Capacity Utilisation through PFC

In the heart of the Free State, a prominent broiler house faced a critical challenge: Insufficient electrical capacity from Eskom. The facility was operating perilously close to its maximum supply, leading to frequent breaker trips that disrupted operations and threatened business continuity.

The Challenge:
The client had explored various options to secure additional electrical capacity from Eskom without success. The constant tripping of breakers posed a significant threat to the broiler house's operations, causing disruptions and potential damage to equipment. Faced with this pressing issue, the client sought a reliable solution to enhance efficiency, reduce maximum demand, and ensure smooth operations without the constant fear of electrical interruptions.

The Augos Solution:
Recognising the urgent need for a sustainable and efficient solution, Augos proposed the installation of a Power Factor Correction system. PFC systems are designed to improve the power factor of electrical systems, enhancing efficiency and optimising the use of available electrical capacity. Augos experts carefully assessed the broiler house's unique requirements and implemented a tailored PFC system to address their specific challenges.

Results and Benefits:
The implementation of the Power Factor Correction system delivered immediate and tangible benefits for the broiler house:

  • Improved Business Continuity: With the PFC system in place, the constant tripping of breakers became a thing of the past. The broiler house achieved enhanced reliability and uninterrupted operations, ensuring business continuity and minimising downtime.
  • Reduced Maximum Demand: Augos successfully reduced the maximum demand on the electrical system, allowing the client to operate comfortably within the existing electrical capacity. This not only averted potential overloads but also mitigated the risk of equipment damage.
  • Decreased Equipment Load: The PFC system optimised the power factor, leading to a more efficient use of electrical power. This resulted in reduced stress on equipment, extending its life span and lowering the risk of breakdowns.
  • Mitigated Maintenance Costs and Risks: By addressing the root cause of the electrical challenges, Augos helped the client mitigate maintenance costs associated with frequent breaker trips and equipment failures. The PFC system provided a long-term, cost-effective solution to enhance the overall health of the electrical infrastructure.
  • Gained Availability to Full Capacity: Although the site was not on a demand-based tariff, the indirect benefits were substantial. The increased efficiency meant that the broiler house gained access to all available capacity, optimising resource utilisation and potentially accommodating future expansion.


Augos, with its cutting-edge Power Factor Correction solutions, not only resolved the immediate electrical challenges faced by the broiler house in the Free State but also delivered long-term benefits that improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and ensured uninterrupted operations. This successful collaboration showcases Augos' commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to overcome electrical constraints and thrive in a dynamic environment.

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Augos delivers comprehensive Power Factor Correction solutions that enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, they provide precise system sizing, continuous monitoring, and proactive maintenance. This approach ensures long-term savings and operational benefits, making power factor optimisation a cost-effective investment for your business.