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Enhancing Quality Assurance at Pasteuriser Plant: Tailor-Made Monitoring Solutions

At Augos, we relish unique challenges, and our partnership to develop a tailor-made monitoring system for a industry leading clients pasteuriser plant is a testament to our commitment to innovation.

Understanding the clients Specific Requirements

The client sought a comprehensive solution to monitor their pasteuriser plant's performance. They required precise insights into each pump's efficiency through a general pump health indicator to maintain the quality of pasteurised egg whites. By monitoring pump speeds, they could ensure that the pasteurisation process delivered the highest standard of product quality.

Beyond Preventative Maintenance: Quality Assurance Focus

Upon engaging in insightful conversations with the client, we realized that the solution they needed was focused on quality assurance rather than just preventative maintenance. We tailored our approach to address their primary concern – ensuring the consistent quality of pasteurised egg whites.

Custom-Designed Monitoring System

To meet their unique requirements, we developed a custom printed circuit board (PCB) and software with inputs for motor temperature, motor current, and vibration. Our innovative approach eliminated the need for expensive vibration measurement by creating a highly effective motor health indicator.

Comprehensive Sensor Deployment

We deployed a network of wireless, battery-operated sensors to measure temperature and humidity in cold stores, with door open/closed sensors to prevent energy waste and ensure precise temperature control. All data is recorded every minute and transmitted to our cloud-based platform.

Data Insight and Real-Time Monitoring

With the Augos Cloud based platform, the client gains valuable insights into their pasteurisation plant's quality assurance. The system empowers them to monitor pump performance, motor health, and door status. The integrated alarms and alerts, delivered via SMS, email, or WhatsApp, provide immediate notifications if any issues arise.

A Promising Path Ahead

The client expressed immense satisfaction with their newfound insights. They are eager to expand the system, exploring the possibility of monitoring flow to precisely determine the eggwhites' pasteurisation duration. The radio network infrastructure enables easy expansion, facilitating seamless connectivity of additional monitoring points.

A Journey Towards Excellence

At Augos we are thrilled to continue this journey, confident that our innovative solutions will further elevate the standard of quality in the pasteurisation industry. If you have unique monitoring challenges that demand customized solutions, let us be your partner in unlocking new possibilities. Contact us today at sales@augos.io or call +27 87 820 1694 to embark on a transformative path towards enhanced quality assurance. Together, we can create a brighter future for your industry.

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