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Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy

Moving towards ISO 50001 energy efficiency certification

Karob Plastics have been using Augos since around 2012, and have found the tool not only extremely beneficial and an interesting read, but also a vital component of our energy management system and regular tracking of energy use. As a plastics manufacturer, Karob Plastics naturally consumes enormous amounts of energy on a daily basis. Augos allows us to track how energy is being used and where we are experiencing peaks and troughs in consumption. The tool is extremely user-friendly, and the interface provides a snapshot of information in various formats, depending on the information needed.

What we really find helpful is being able to measure consumption down to the minute on the status page. We make use of loggers to measure individual machine consumption over certain periods of time, and being able to compare that to our overall consumption, right down to the minute, helps us accurately report on electricity usage and expenditure.

In addition, the monthly summary report allows us to compare actual consumption and demand usage with what the council bills us, thus contributing to our ability to forecast expenditure when estimated billings are provided.

For us, one of the greatest benefits of the tool is the people that sit behind the scenes. The customer support is phenomenal. All queries are resolved in a timeous manner, and the support team is extremely knowledgeable on how we can best optimise our use of Augos, and how we can go about applying the tools to our environment.

Moving forward, we are working towards ISO 50001 certification, and our energy management system has been put in place to track our compliance. Of significant benefit to the implementation of this system has been Augos, and extending the use of Augos for electricity performance management will be an essential tool to the effective management of ISO 50001.