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Putting a Sock in High Energy Bills at Falke

Augos has been partnering with the renowned sock manufacturer, Falke, in Bellville South, to implement a highly successful energy management program. Our journey with Falke has been transformative, yielding substantial energy savings and setting a remarkable example of the power of submetering and data-driven energy management.

Establishing the Baseline

First, we focused on establishing a comprehensive baseline for their energy consumption. This crucial step allowed us to accurately measure their energy usage and track any subsequent savings made throughout the energy management program. By setting this foundation, we gained valuable insights into Falke's energy usage patterns, paving the way for targeted improvements and efficient energy management strategies.

Identifying SEUs and Making Data-Driven Changes

Falke's energy management began with identifying their Significant Energy Users (SEU's). Counterintuitively, it was revealed that the compressors, not the sock manufacturing equipment, were the main energy consumers (a common trend in factories). Armed with this knowledge, we began making data-driven changes, focusing on small adjustments with significant impacts.

Obvious improvements involved ultrasonic air leak detection, allowing the repair of air leaks. Optimizing air compressor settings for efficiency and shifting loads to reduce wasteful consumption during off-hours also made considerable contributions. Additionally, strategic shifts to LED lighting and the installation of isolation valves on the compressed air ring main further contributed to energy savings.

Measuring Progress and Setting Goals

With our energy management program in place, we engaged in fortnightly meetings with the client to set goals and expectations for each week. As a result of our collaborative efforts, Falke consistently enjoys energy cost savings exceeding 20%. The savings are measured against production, leading to a specific Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) of pairs of socks per kWh. Week by week, Falke aims to increase their sock count per kWh, driving continuous improvements.

Tariff Change: Unleashing Additional Savings

Falke's journey to energy efficiency didn't stop with submetering and optimized energy management. The Augos platform's tariff analysis tool identified and quantified an opportunity for savings through changing their electricity tariff structure. We embarked on the tariff migration process on behalf of the client, working with the City of Cape Town Municipality to implementing the new tariff structure. On the first bill alone, Falke saved over R100,000. With the new tariff in place, their projected annual savings are estimated at around R600,000, accounting for seasonal tariff variations.

The Power of Measuring SEUs

Falke's success story stands as a testament to the golden rule: "You cannot manage something if you're not measuring it". Submetering and measuring SEUs have been pivotal in unleashing substantial energy savings and maximizing efficiency.

Experience the Difference: Join Our Energy Management Program

If you're ready to unlock your company's potential for energy savings, get in touch with us at Augos. Our energy experts are ready to help you take control of your energy usage, optimize consumption, and reduce costs. Contact us at sales.augos.io or call +27 21 975 4529 to embark on your journey towards sustainable energy efficiency.

Let's create a brighter, more energy-efficient future together.‍

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