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Spier Estate saves 55% by reducing water wastage
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Spier Estate saves 55% by reducing water wastage

Spier Estate requested Augos to collaborate with them in an extensive water measurement project for the site. The main objective of the program was to manage overall water consumption at the estate and have accurate tenant water consumption data for billing. To date, eight Augos water meters have been installed at the site, including a water meter on their main water incomer.

Once the meters were installed, it became apparent that there was excessive out of hours (baseload) water consumption of around 2000 l/hr on the main incomer to the estate. By checking the various water sub-meters, it was established that most of the out of hours water consumption was at the estate hotel.

An extensive water leak detection and repair exercise was undertaken at the hotel specifically and the estate in general. Baseload consumption at the estate reduced from 2000 l/hr to zero. Daily water consumption reduced from 100 kl/day to 40 kl/day, a saving in water consumption of 60%.