Online Electricity Measurement

Online Electricity Measurement:
Reframing Inefficiency as Opportunity

Embark on a journey to smarter energy management with our Power Factor Correction solutions, transforming how you use data to inform critical decisions.
Manage Your Energy
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Online Electricity Measurement


Smart energy meters provide users with real-time access to energy data, enabling active management of energy costs and usage as well as the ability to continuously verify utility measurements and billing.
Unlock Real-Time Energy Insights
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Online Electricity Measurement

Cloud-Based Energy Insights Platform

Augos goes beyond providing raw data; it delivers deep insights that uncover hidden value, empowering decision-makers to act on opportunities that aren't immediately visible. The platform distills data into actionable insights, reframing inefficiencies as opportunities, providing the evidence needed to mobilise meaningful change.
Transform Data into Actionable Insights
Augos Solutions
Online Electricity Measurement

SEU Submetering

Augos enables detailed monitoring and analysis of Significant Energy Users (SEUs) within your facility. It allows users to identify energy consumption patterns and highlight opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvements. By leveraging detailed data and insights, Augos supports strategic energy management initiatives to optimise performance and reduce waste.
Optimise Your Energy Use
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Online Electricity Measurement

Energy Service Desk

Outsource your energy intelligence to our team of experts who continuously monitor your measurement infrastructure. This service ensures financial assurance, mitigates operational risks, enhances energy efficiency, and handles specialised energy administration tasks on an ongoing basis, providing comprehensive support for all your energy management needs.
Enhance Your Energy Management
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Online Electricity Measurement

Tenant Billing Software

A robust solution for reconciling and billing tenants across multiple energy sources, including conventional, backup, and green energy. Augos ensures accurate allocation of costs according to actual usage, enhancing transparency and accountability in tenant billing.
Simplify Billing Across  Sources
Augos Solutions
Online Electricity Measurement

Power Quality Analysis

Monitor and report on the quality of your sites power supply, identifying issues like voltage dips, swells and current and voltage harmonic distortion which can affect equipment efficiency and lifespan.
Ensure Optimal Power Performance
Online Electricity Measurement

Solutions Driving  

Discover the specific tools and services that actualise our Power Factor Correction outcomes.

Ensure Billing Accuracy with Data

Ensure the financial integrity of your business by harnessing the Augos measurement and reporting suite. This proactive approach safeguards against municiple overcharging and elevates energy management to a strategic financial tool, enhancing accountability and efficiency.
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Independent Utility Measurement
Capture real-time utility data with precision, laying the groundwork for accurate billing and energy optimisation.
Bill Verification  
Ensure billing accuracy by comparing actual utility usage against billed amounts, highlighting discrepancies to protect against overcharges and underbilled claim risks.
Tariff Analysis  
Analyse actual site consumption data to identify the most cost-effective tariff options, optimising utility expenses.
Cost Allocation and Breakdown
Achieve transparency in energy spending by accurately allocating costs to departments or processes, encouraging responsible energy use.

Identify & Eliminate Waste With Precision

Our online measurement platform, featuring real-time energy and utility metrics, stands as a cornerstone for waste reduction and uncovering improvement opportunities. Our tools highlight waste and areas for improvement, giving you the data to act. With real-time monitoring and analysis, you're equipped to make informed decisions, leading to smarter energy management.
Visualize Your Data
Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting
Track energy usage as it happens, providing immediate insights into where and how energy is consumed, guiding targeted actions.
Trend Analysis & Benchmarking
Evaluate long-term usage patterns to identify consistent inefficiencies, spotlighting opportunities for improvement.
Equipment Performance Tracking
Monitor machinery and systems in real time to pinpoint underperforming assets, guiding proactive maintenance and equipment replacement initiatives for more efficient energy use.
SEU Identification
Employ energy hierarchy charts to pinpoint where the most energy is being used. Identifying significant energy users allows for targeted actions to address inefficiencies, guiding energy optimisation efforts.
Energy Distribution Analysis
Use energy & deamnd heatmaps to identify peak consumption periods. This strategy improves efficiency and reduces costs by optimising when and how energy is used across your operations.

Proactively Identify & Mitigate Risks

Elevate your risk management capabilities with Augos. Swiftly pinpoint and address energy-related risks to ensure uninterrupted operations. This strategy not only smoothens your processes but also transforms risk mitigation into a strategic cornerstone, boosting your business’s efficiency and resilience.
Visualize Your Data
Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
Instantly detect deviations in energy usage with real-time monitoring, receiving alerts that enable immediate action to prevent disruptions and ensure operational continuity.
Predictive Analytics
Forecast potential risks with advanced analytics, allowing for preemptive measures to avert system failures or inefficiencies, and maintaining smooth operations.
Dynamic Threshold Setting
Dynamically adjust thresholds for energy consumption and performance metrics, identifying anomalies early and enabling quick responses to emerging risks.
Incident Response Planning
Prepare and execute effective response strategies with predefined plans that are triggered by specific incidents, minimizing impact and recovery time.

Achieve Compliance Through Insight

Streamline your path to compliance and governance with Augos. Our platform delivers the insights and data needed for meticulous compliance with regulations and sustainability standards. From real-time monitoring of compliance metrics to detailed reporting across various timeframes, Augos equips you to maintain high standards of energy management and sustainability, ensuring you stay ahead of regulatory requirements with ease and precision.
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Sustainability Initiative Support
Utilise Augos to align with and support key sustainability standards such as ISO 50001. Access to detailed consumption data aids in the implementation and tracking of energy management systems.
Comprehensive Data Reporting
With data granularity ranging from minute-by-minute to yearly comparisons, Augos facilitates nuanced energy reporting. This capability supports thorough environmental and compliance reporting, accommodating internal and external stakeholder requirements.
Compliance Metric Tracking and Alerts
Stay within compliance thresholds through real-time monitoring of critical metrics. Augos alerts you immediately if metrics fall outside of regulatory or self-imposed ranges, ensuring swift corrective action.
Unlimited Data Storage
Benefit from unlimited data storage for multi-year comparisons. This feature is invaluable for assessing the long-term impact of your energy initiatives and demonstrating continuous improvement—a key aspect of compliance and sustainability frameworks.

Support Strategic Action with Expert Insights

Strengthen your strategic initiatives in energy and sustainability with our specialised expertise. Our team provides essential insights and guidance to navigate complex environmental challenges and leverage opportunities for growth and improvement. With our tailored support, you’re poised to make informed, impactful decisions.
Visualize Your Data
Executive Strategy Support
Our industry experts offer impartial consulting to executives and boards, providing strategic insights on energy-related decisions. This service ensures your leadership is well-informed and equipped to navigate the complexities of energy initiatives, aligning your energy strategy with global standards and reinforcing your position as a leader in environmental responsibility.
Outsourced Energy Intelligence
Extend your capabilities with our service desk team, providing you with continuous, expert monitoring and management of your energy data and strategies. This outsourced intelligence acts as an extension of your team, ensuring you have the insights needed for agile decision-making.
Data driven energy & cost reduction solutions
Utilise our expertise to uncover and implement strategies that significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. Our approach is grounded in analysing your data to identify the most effective actions for energy efficiency and cost savings.
Strategic Energy Planning
Engage with our experts to devise an energy strategy that propels your business forward, ensuring efficiency and sustainability from procurement to usage.
Establish your Sustainability Roadmap
Partner with us to forge a detailed pathway to sustainability goals like RE100, with comprehensive support from planning through to achievement, guaranteeing strategic alignment and success.
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How Power Factor Correction
has helped our clients

Discover the specific tools and services that actualise our Power Factor Correction outcomes.
Success Stories
Implementing Augos's online electricity measurement has enabled RCL Foods to optimise energy consumption across their diverse operations, resulting in substantial cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
Success Stories
Augos’s innovative solutions have empowered Discovery to monitor and manage their energy use proactively, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable operations in their high-tech facilities.
Success Stories
Libstar leverages Augos’s comprehensive energy monitoring to streamline their utilities management, leading to better resource allocation and improved bottom-line results.
Success Stories
With real-time data from Augos, Pioneer Foods has significantly reduced energy wastage in their production processes, aligning with their sustainability goals and improving overall efficiency.
Success Stories
By integrating Augos’s online electricity measurement, Woolworths has enhanced their energy management strategies, contributing to their commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.
Success Stories
AECI - Much Asphalt has benefited from Augos’s detailed energy insights, optimising their asphalt production processes and reducing energy costs significantly.

Success Stories
Tiger Brands uses Augos’s solutions to gain a granular understanding of their energy usage, driving efficiency improvements and supporting their sustainability initiatives.

Success Stories
Polyoak has achieved greater energy efficiency and cost savings through Augos’s advanced monitoring systems, ensuring optimal performance in their packaging operations.
Success Stories
Polyoak has achieved greater energy efficiency and cost savings through Augos’s advanced monitoring systems, ensuring optimal performance in their packaging operations.
Success Stories
Nampak leverages Augos’s technology to monitor energy use in real-time, leading to better energy management and significant cost reductions in their manufacturing processes.
Success Stories
With Augos’s online electricity measurement, Kimberly Clark has streamlined their energy management, reducing wastage and supporting their sustainability goals.
Success Stories
Beachcomber has improved their energy efficiency and reduced operational costs by utilising Augos’s comprehensive energy monitoring solutions.
Success Stories
Jumeirah benefits from Augos’s detailed energy insights, optimising their luxurious hospitality services while maintaining high standards of sustainability and efficiency.
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